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Creative Commons

Content section: 

The UC Berkeley Library web pages are available under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC license。 This applies to all of the content created by the Library for which the Regents of the University of California hold the copyright。


- Anyone is free to share and adapt works for noncommercial purposes under this license as long as they give credit for the original creation. Attribution should be given to "UC Berkeley Library."

What’s included

Nearly all of the text content created by library employees on UC Berkeley Library web pages that display the Creative Commons logo are included.

What’s not included

  • Content the library does not own (such as articles in our licensed databases).
  • Photos and images on our web pages, unless an image is accompanied by its own license notice. This includes material in our digital collections, which do not include the CC-BY-NC icon.
  • Content on pages without the Creative Commons logo are not included under the CC-BY-NC license.

If you discover something that does display the license but does not appear to have been created by us, please let us know捕鱼大作战, and contact the copyright owner for permission if you wish to use it.

This page is adapted from the UC Santa Cruz University Library 。

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